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Looking for an eye exam? Need Advanced Personalized Eyecare? You found the right place! We serve Austin, Cedar Park, Lago Vista, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown and nearby areas. - There is more than meets the eye during an eye exam. Regular eye exams are an important component of an overall preventative health maintenance program. Many diseases can first be detected during an eye exam. Early detection can lead to a more successful outcome.

Eye Exam Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Contact Lens Exams
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Red Eye
  • Dry Eye
  • Foreign body removal
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis and Managment
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    Eye Exam Overview

    An eye exam may take longer if extra tests are required depending on the initial evaluation and your particular eye condition. During the eye exam, the optometrist will check the health of your eyes and also look for symptoms of general health problems.


    The eye vision testing includes:


  • Health history and eye symptoms
  • Eye testing
  • Vision testing
  • Eye movements and co-ordination

    Examining eyes both externally and internally, assesses eye health and helps identify any other underlying medical problems. The eye interior will be examined using an ophthalmoscope, which shines a light on the pupil allowing a detailed study of the internal structures and pupil reflexes.

    Other Eye Exam Procedures

    Other tests may be necessary which include glaucoma or color vision deficiency. If over 40, it is recommended to check for glaucoma, because aging increases the chances of developing glaucoma. Glaucoma has no prior symptom and normally noticed only after some sight has already been affected. 


    Glaucoma examination involves; assessing the inside of the eye, measuring inside pressure of the eye, and checking the visual fields to make ensure there are no abnormal blind spots.  If the patient is suspected to be at risk, retinal photography of the interior and exterior of the eye will taken.


    There is no substiute for a Dilated eye exam - this procedure is where the optometrist assesses the eyes to find vision problems and eye diseases. Dilation drops are dropped in the eyes to dilate (or widen) the pupils in order to get a larger viewing angle of the retina. The retina is examined to find signs of damage and other eye problems (such as diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration). It also allows the doctor to assess the optic nerve.



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