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Custom built eye glasses frames

Ever wonder what it take to craft a world class pair of hand built eyeglasses? There is a lot more to it than you may have ever considered! Its part art, part science.


Handbuilt and Hand designed eye glasses


Similar to shoes, you can get mass produced, inexpensive eyeglasses that are built by the hundreds per hour in factories using automated machines, or you can get hand built crafted frames that utilize the finest materials and change several expertly trained hands during the process and usually take days if not weeks to build.


Video of hand built eyeglasses being created


Materials found in nature

The frames you see in this video are made with exotic, natural materials. This means no two eye pieces are alike. You can get mass produced eye glasses frames that will do the job, but when compared dollars for effort and and time spent creating them, and the uniqueness they possess, a hand built pair is often a better value.


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