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Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lens

Gas permeable contact lenses are called Rigid Gas Permeables or RGPs. They are made using a firm, durable plastic that is specifically designed to transmit oxygen. They do not contain water and therefore are not prone to deposit buildup or bacteria buildup as are other contacts. These contacts can last for much longer than soft contact lenses, provide crisper vision, and handle very easily. Gas permeable contacts are custom made and custom fitted for every individual. They provide advantages over other contacts in terms of their ease of care, ease of use, deposit resistance, clear vision and better eye health.

What are Gas Permeable Contact Lens?

Rigid gas permeable lenses are often confused with hard contact lenses. These types of lenses are not the same. The confusion often results from the fact that gas permeables (RGP) are firm lenses. Hard contact lenses are no longer used. Hard contacts presented a number of problems that are now addressed by soft and oxygen permeable lenses, such as using less firm material in manufacturing and increased oxygen transmission to the eye.

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