An uncommon union of Advanced Personal Eyecare and Fine Optical Boutique

Advanced Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instruments

We have in-house, state of the art ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment so your eye care needs can be taken care of in one stop and one location. Because the health of your eyes is just as important as the way you see and look. As part of your exam, we use a state of the art non-contact tonometer that measures the pressure within your eyes more gently than ever before. Read about our advanced exam instruments below.

Retinal Imaging

We offer a High Resolution Retinal Photography, which uses a computer-integrated digital imaging system to record a detailed view of the retina. Since nothing touches the eye, photo-documentation is painless. This digital image provides an excellent reference point for future comparisons as your eyes change over time.

Retinal Image

Retinal image ready for diagnosis

Because retinal (fundus) photography is a highly specialized form of medical imaging, it can’t be done with an ordinary camera. It requires a customized camera that is mounted to a microscope with intricate lenses and mirrors. These high-powered lenses are designed so the photographer can visualize the back of the eye by focusing light through the cornea, pupil and lens.


Optometrists Retinal Camera


Retinal photography assists in the detection and management of problems such as diabetic changes, hypertensive retinopathy, macular degeneration, optic nerve disease, and retinal holes or thinning. We recommend that all our patients receive this test. It is especially important for people with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal diseases, flashing lights, floaters, headaches, or a strong glasses prescription. This digital image will be a permanent record in your file and is very valuable for present and future diagnosis. It is an important component of the current health of your eye and for safeguarding the health of specific structures of your eye such as the retina, optic nerve, macula, and blood vessels. It will also serve as a baseline - an initial point from which to compare, as we follow your health in subsequent years.

Optical Coherence Tomography

The OCT often reveals myriad findings that are invisible to a standard eye exam. This is analagous to dental X-rays which often reveal cavities and other disorders that are invisible to a dentist's inspection of the teeth and surrounding structures. Unlike X-rays, OCT scans are safe and non-invasive.


Optical Coherence Tomography image

Image produced by the OCT, ready for doctors diagnosis.

Optometrists Optical Coherence Tomography


The Stratus OCT incorporates optical coherence tomography technology to provide comprehensive imaging and measurement of glaucoma and retinal disease. Stratus OCT is the gold standard and offers proven reproducibility for disease management. Uses infrared light to scan internal layers of the eye analogous to an ultrasound. These layers are hidden from normal magnification. Essentially an Optical Biopsy.


OCT detects and manages

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Pathologies
  • Visual Field Analyzer

    Our Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer can assist us in early detection of many disorders, including brain tumors, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal detachments.


    Optometrists Visual Field Analyzer

    Humphrey® Visual Field Analyzer. The Gold Standard in Perimetry

    A combination of hi-tech computerized machinery and complex software algorithms used to detect at risk patients. Helps detect and manage glaucoma and aids in progression analysis.


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