An uncommon union of Advanced Personal Eyecare and Fine Optical Boutique

Personal Service and Perfect Fit

The doctor will thoroughly assessed your visual needs and can personally direct staff to the best lenses for you. Our trained professionals will then measure several parameters in relation to the eye glass frames you select, ensuring your lenses work precisely as intended.


Progressive Lenses Design

Progressive Lens Designed for YOU

We will recommend lenses designed for your specific visual performance requirements. Each lens will be custom designed and manufactured for your individual prescription.
The doctor will ensure you get the correct lenses for your specific vision needs and ensure they work with the specific frame you select.

Free-form Progressive and Single Vision Lenses

Free Form lenses are a completely customized lenses that allow you to see better than ever. We take several precise measurements while you are wearing the frame you select. These measurements are based on the position your frame rests on your face and how you utilize your vision. These measurements are then transferred to a computerized lens machine that cuts the lens specifically for your frame and your prescription parameters. No two patients are ever alike when using this technology. It even has the ability to precisely correct for your astigmatism across your field of view.


The cheaper, older way uses a mold that is designed to work for a bell curve of the population. Two people with different prescriptions could be essentially be wearing the same lenses. These older technologies don't account for many of the parameters used by free-form technology and could never provide the clarity of a free-form lens.


Free-form lenses provide a 20% wider field of vision and increased clarity at all viewing angles. Ask us a about Free-form lenses and how they can help you see all the beauty in the world clearer than ever! They are even available in single vision lenses.


About Lens Quality

There is a difference in lens quality. You depend on your sight all day long. Cheaper, inferior lenses can create unperceptible distortion if you never compared them with a superior lens. Cheaper lenses can sometimes be the source of eye strain and even headaches.


Advanced Anti-Glare Treatment

Our anti-reflective treatment repels dirt, perspiration, and smudges, making it easier to clean and stays that way for the life of your lenses. Anti reflective treatment dramatically reduces reflections, glare from oncoming traffic and improves your night vision.


Technologically advanced lenses

Vision is far more than just creating a spectacle lens. Lens materials are key components of the innovation process, achieving solutions that satisfy and anticipate needs and aspirations.There is a great variety of lens materials available in the world today. However, sometimes quality leaves much to be desired. Disadvantages of cheap or low-quality materials may not be visible at first sight, but they will seriously affect visual quality, comfort and lens appearance.


Fine Eyewear always focuses on products that meet the requirements of today's and the next generation of consumers, and pays attention to optical, cosmetic and physical lens performance. Fine Eyewear carries the most technologically advanced lenses on the market. All of our progressive lenses digitally designed to the custom level.


Stop in or make an appointment to discuss the personal options best for you..


Superior Optics

We recommend hi-index lens which inherently have superior optical properties. Our lens start with the purest materials and are manufactured to exceed industry standards. Each and every point on your lenses are designed, cut and polished to eliminate light bending distortion. Cheaper lens use low grade material which contain impurities that introduces optical distortion and aberrations. Our lens gives you the sharpest vision possible, reduces eye fatigue and increases your ability to see in low light situations.



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