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If you're considering LASIK give us a call. We partner with Lasik surgeons thru out the region to ensure your LASIK is safe and goes smoothly.

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LASIK Co-Management

We partner with surgeons throughout the region to co-manage your LASIK. What does this mean? In a nutshell, the surgeon does the surgery, and we do the rest. We evaluate your potential for a successful outcome before sending you to the surgeon for his final evaluation. If the surgeon thinks you are a good candidate, then we help prepare you for surgery, and follow you thru the healing process over the course of many months to ensure healing progresses as expected.

LASIK Evaluation

To determine if LASIK will work, your eye structure must be examined. This allows the doctor to determine if your LASIK outcome will have a high probability of success. As with any surgery, there are always risks, and these risks must be evaluated, and conveyed to the patient.

Patient LASIK Expectations

The next thing to ask yourself is what do you expect from LASIK? Are you hoping to rid of glasses and contacts forever? Are you looking to improve you vision well enough to see without glasses, but glasses still help make your vision even clearer? These are questions you should spend sometime researching before making your final decision.

LASIK pricing

Prices can vary for LASIK. Our number one recommendation is to find a surgeon with a good reputation and one you are comfortable with. Our number two recommendation, right behind number one, is don't use the lowest bidder! You only have one pair of eyes, and you may not get a second chance to fix a botched surgery.

Will LASIK eliminate glasses ?

This is a tricky question. The correct answer is maybe. Will LASIK eliminate glasses forever? The answer is temporarily. LASIK does not “fix” the problem all of us encounter as our eyes age and we reach our 40’s which is the time we start needing reading glasses. Be sure to understand that even after LASIK, you eventually will need glasses for reading and computer work. The need for reading glasses can start as early at age 38, and LASIK can speed that process. This is part of the patient expectation issues that should be considered. Are you approaching 40 but yet don't need reading glasses? Discuss it further with the doctor so you can lay all your options out.

LASIK Complications

Refractive correction surgery has advanced tremendously in recent years, but as with any surgery, there can be complications and side effects. Probably the biggest side effect we see today is a condition called dry-eye. Spend sometime researching this condition, and ask friends and family if they experience dry eye even if they have not had LASIK. You'll quickly find someone who can relate their personal experience of dry-eye and be able to give you a personal account of what it means to them. Or simply, Google LASIK Dry Eye and you will find plenty of information. Other than dry-eye, LASIK from a reputable surgeon typically goes very well these days. Other risks include infection, abnormal healing, loss of best visual acuity - meaning you won't see as well as you did before when using glasses. The best thing we can recommend is educate yourself on the risks, and have questions ready for both your surgeon and your optometrist. A fully informed patient will typically be happier with LASIK outcome.


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