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Q: Are all progressive lens the same?

A: Absolutely not. There are a multitude of brands, many still use technology developed in the 1980’s. These outdated progressive lenses have narrow fields of view and large peripheral distortion.

Q: I've had trouble with progressive lens in the past, why?

A: Two primary reasons: 1. Cheap, inferior brands 2. Improper measurement. Both will cause distortion, narrow fields of view, eye fatigue, headaches and other undesirable effects. If you are one of the many patients who did not have good results in the past, don’t be discouraged, we can help.

Q: I have VSP, is the price the same everywhere I go?

A: Yes. VSP sets the price for your lens. Regardless of where you purchase your lens, the cost will be the same. Don’t let the chain store give you an inferior lens - get the best. Make the insurance you paid for work for you!

Q: What does my insurance cover?

It’s a question often asked by our new patients. When we show them what their insurance covers, and then let them compare those products against our higher quality frames and lenses they quickly realize there is no comparison. This is when the “insurance blues” sets in. If a patient has never been to a place that offers high quality lenses and frames, they never have had the opportunity to see the difference. Now the patient comes to the realization that what their insurance “covers” is surely inadequate.  Rather than getting into the frame of mind with the word “covers”,  we like to think of the insurance plan as a contribution towards higher quality lenses and frames that will last, will look good, and most importantly, will allow you to see the world at its best. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, the bottom line is they can not “cover” much or they would have to charge higher premiums. Once you’re prepared for this, your eye wear selection process becomes so much easier. Now you can focus on finding quality eyewear, rather than wonder why you insurance company isn’t paying for something better. Your glasses are the first thing people notice, and they help you perform one of life’s most important tasks – get high quality lenses and frames and look and see your best!


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