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Selecting Sunglasses lenses tints

Color or tint can effect the performance of a lens. The human eye reacts differently to various colors and thus, each color lens will offer different benefits.


  • B/A: Brown or amber lenses enhance contrast while altering the natural colors of objects very little. This lens tint is great for sports and driving or any activity where contrast is important. While this tint is not the darkest available, it is suitable for every day use.
  • GY: Grey lenses are generally the darkest lenses available. They do not enhance contrast at all, but also do not distort colors either. They are most suitable for people that are in extremely bright light conditions or need a "true color" lens.
  • V/R: Vermillion or rose lenses provide some of the best contrast enhancement. They are suitable for mild to medium light conditions. Common uses are golf and skiing, however, this is also a suitable general purpose lens as well.
  • O/Y: Orange and yellow lenses provide excellent depth perception and contrast in low light conditions. They are often used as shooting glasses. They excel in overcast conditions or in environments with little light. While these lenses are 100% UV protective, they are often too bright to be used in normal light conditions.
  • GR: Green lenses are a good everyday tint. They are of medium darkness, have some contrast enhancing qualities while not distorting colors.
  • B/P/C: Blue, purple, or clear lenses are usually fashion tints and offer no real benefits. While they are 100% UV protective, there are no inherent benefits to these colors.

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