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Precise Visual Measurements

With the aid of the Visioffice, we take 8 separate computer assisted measurements. These measurements are based on the frame you select, the size of your lenses, how the frame and lenses will be centered on your eye, and how your eye rotates thru your field of view. The result : the most technologically advanced lens design available today. Allowing you to see clearer and better than ever.
Progressive Lenses Design


Eye Rotation

With progressive lenses, your prescription must change based on the distance and angle that you gaze thru your lenses. For example, the prescription to read a book is different than the prescription to read your automobile speedometer. The Visioffice measures your natural eye rotation as it moves across the lenses of your glasses. This allows us to optimize your prescription so it will be placed where your eyes rotate thru the different powers and angles of your lenses. This breakthrough provides even greater visual clarity.

Custom Tailored Lenses

Our eyes rotate on an axis known as the eye rotation center. Each of us has different shapes and sizes of eyes, so this rotation is unique for each person. Even each eye can vary! The way your eye rotates effects how you look out your lenses at various angles. Measuring this information allows us to manufacture free form lenses that accommodate your specific prescription, accounting for the thickness of the lens material you select, the glasses you select, and other parameters.


A freeform lens design is a custom lens and is generated by advanced computer algorithms made specifically your prescription; no two lenses are ever alike. Each is custom tailored for you. In a nut shut, it allows us to create virtually unlimited lens topography, making your prescription extremely precise. We are now approaching the limits of the laws of physics and modern material science when we create your custom lenses using the power of freeform technology and the Visioffice. Simply Amazing!

Eye Rotation Center

Most advanced measuring system

Shown below is the Visioffice, the computerized instrument that is the starting point for all of this high-tech magic. It aids in getting very precise measurements so that we may create the free form lenses that will be custom designed for you, your prescription and the frame and lenses you select. It is the most technologically advanced instrument of its kind.


Visioffice Instrument


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